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Senior Software Reliability Engineer

At Scalpbase, we are using automation to fundamentally change the way that people trade. We were the first crypto derivatives exchange to fully embrace Kubernetes, and have always had 100 percent of our infrastructure running on Kubernetes. The rolling updates of Kubernetes have allowed us to avoid scheduled downtime, achieving a total uptime in 2020 that is greater than 99.9999 percent. As a Senior Software Reliability Engineer at Scalpbase, you will be responsible for maintaining and expanding our continous deployment pipeline, and taking our annual uptime to 99.99999 percent or greater.

Service Detail

Core Requirements

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with Infrastructure-As-Code tooling
  • Preferred but not required: Experience with Google Cloud
  • Not afraid of getting of your hands dirty

If interested, please send a copy of your CV to We look forward to your application.