Coinbase For ScalpingCoinbase For Scalping

The volatility, low spreads and 24/7 nature of crypto makes it extremely good for scalping.

Until June 2022, there was no crypto exchange specifically for scalping. To scalp crypto, you had to use Coinbase, or one the generic crypto futures exchanges (Binance Futures, Bybit, Kucoin Futures). While these platforms can be used for scalping, they are mostly catered towards swing traders, and lack many of the features required for scalping succesfully.

Scalpbase is the first crypto exchange that has been designed specifically for scalping. You can think of it as Coinbase for scalping.

  Scalping Requirement #1: Fast Execution
Scalpbase's average order execution delay is 17ms. A 2018 study by crypto exchange Deribit found that the average order execution delay among crypto exchanges is 245ms, making Scalpbase significantly faster than most other exchanges.
  Scalping Requirement #2: Suitable Interface
Scalpbase supports both point-and-click DOM-based scalping and chart-based scalping. Orders are visualized in real-time, as the price moves up and down. Blitz Mode enables you to get get in and out of positions quickly. Scalpbase's charts are fully interactive.
  Scalping Requirement #3: Low Taker Fees
Taking liquidity is a big part of scalping, but taker fees often make it nonfeasible. Scalpbase has the lowest taker fees of any CEX, starting at just 0.03% and going all the way down to 0.01%. This level of taker fees opens up new opportunities for scalping.
Our Achievements

Scalpbase In Numbers

Since the launch of our private beta in February 2022, Scalpbase has experienced exponential growth.

Scalpers from 130+ countries.

20+ new markets added.

1,200+ deposits and withdrawals processed.

80,000,000+ orders handled.

Built by a team contributing experience from




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Our Founder and Chief Scalper

The Face of Scalpbase


Andrew Borum

Andrew has been a full-time scalper for almost half a decade. Prior to founding Scalpbase, he founded Timberdale Trading, a proprietary trading firm specializing in mean reversion scalps, and grew the firms trading volume from $0 to $1bn on Binance and FTX. Andrew's frustration with the lack of scalping-related features available on Binance and FTX is what led to him found Scalpbase.

Andrew holds a degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark. He is frequently active on Telegram and Linkedin. You can always send him a message there, in case you have questions about Scalpbase, or just want to chat about scalping.

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